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16,000 Woodworking Plans

Get the freedom to build any project you desire – with the Internet’s largest database of 16,000 woodworking plans

DIY Wooden Night Table Plans

Learn how to build your own wooden night table with our detailed plans and step-by-step instructions. Say goodbye to store-bought options and create something unique for your bedroom. Get started today!

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10 Easy and Affordable Bird Feeder Plans

Discover 10 easy and affordable bird feeder plans that will transform your backyard into a paradise for birds. Create a haven for your feathered friends while adding charm to your outdoor space. Whether you’re a seasoned handyman or a beginner, these plans are perfect for all. Unleash your creativity and enjoy the delightful company of nature’s colorful creatures.

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Creative Ways to Display Artwork

Discover innovative and captivating ways to display artwork in this article. From unconventional frames to dynamic arrangements, enhance the aesthetics of your space and showcase your creativity like never before!

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TedsWoodworking Plans and Projects

The #1 Woodworking Resource With Over 16,000 Plans

Finally, a one-stop portal for a lifetime of woodworking plans!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do i get access to the plans? Is it something sent to my house?
We’re in the digital age and one of the things I’m really excited about is how we deliver this program. So the way it works is you’re going to enter your credit card information on the next page. After that, you’ll get instant access to the package. It’s kind of a membership site, but don’t worry about a monthly membership fee or anything like that. You will pay only once and that’s all you pay. There’s no additional charges, no hidden charges, no nothing like that. For a small fee I will also ship worldwide, the DVDs of all the plans and bonuses.
Fact is, you don’t need a large space or expensive tools to build many of the projects. I started off with a 7×8 size workshop and many of my best pieces came from that shop. I’ve included many small mobile workbenches you can build right away as well. Many of my plans do not require professional machinery or even a router.
NO. Not if you accept this deal right now. This is a one-time fee of $67 for a lifetime of plans
Not really. It is a digital product after all. I suppose if everyone were to get this deal then yeah, eventually the time I spend every month creating the 5 new plans wouldn’t earn me an income. Which is why I am taking this page down soon!
Absolutely. You can sell the projects you build with our plans. Many of my customers went on to make a sizable side income by selling projects they make.
I believe anyone can start woodworking. I’ve got a whole bunch of easy starter plans you can try. It doesn’t take a lot of tools or materials to build a lot of the starter projects. If you can do small steps – cut a board in half, glue pieces…. then it is not that much of a leap to join the boards. Before you know it, you have a completed project. In the end, it is a simple process. It just a series of multiple steps. My plans will guide you through everything. One step at a time.
Look. It doesn’t make sense to purchase one plan when I’m offering this deal for my entire package at only $67. I’ve sold my plans separately for a lot more but I’ve bundled everything together due to repeated requests. Think about it this way: Even if you don’t intend to use most of the plans, this is a great deal any way you look at it. For just one low price of $67, you can keep the rest of my plans forever. It will be handy in the future to have access to this huge collection of woodworking plans.
If that’s the case… this is perfect for you… because you will learn exactly what you need to build a project you’re interested in. So there’s no wasting your money on tools you won’t use. Just buy exactly what I tell you and follow my instructions. Then move onto the next and buy the new tools you need (if any)… Simple and cost effective! Simply get what you need for the projects you want to build at anytime. I’ll also show you ways to get lumber and materials for far less than what you pay retail.
YES. Most of these plans are beginner plans. With the rest being intermediate and some being expert plans. But keep in mind, given the quality of these plans, you might surprise yourself with your ability to quickly expand the projects you can do.
Obviously, you should only give your credit card to companies that you can trust 100%. That’s why we use ClickBank. ClickBank is an established credit card processing company that has been in business since 1997. They provide credit card clearing and payment services for tens of thousands of merchants all over the internet. When you place your order with us, you will connect to ClickBank through a secure server, which makes it virtually impossible for a hacker to intercept your information. And the 60 day money back guarantee is my personal promise to you. If you don’t like it for any reason, just drop me an email and I will refund you the full amount within 48 hours or less. There will be no questions, no fineprint, no B.S
There is no catch. I’m running a limited launch offer so I want to reward visitors who take fast action. When this goes live I will charge $39 per month and it WILL be worth it. But for some folks lucky enough to be here, the price is a ONE-TIME fee of $67.
You have LIFETIME access to all the plans in the members area. Your membership never expires and you can login anytime to download more plans. Whats more, I draft new plans every month so you’ll always have new ideas, new projects to make

What you are getting in Teds Woodworking

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